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    This is another gift. This one took me a few evenings and one 8 hour day devoted to design and sewing. I used the vest from the Little Sprouts' Wardrobe by k.p. kids & co.

    Because I was very time limited on this vest, I designed each piece as I went. To simplify the vest (and ensure that I would finish it in time), I decided to make one front on each side out of a single piece of fabric. For side A, I chose the turtle fabric and pulled about 50 different fabrics from my stash to go with the print. I didn't have time to narrow the fabric selections.

    I repeated the turtles in a big applique on the back of the vest using a turtle pattern from Colorful Quilts for Kids by Kari Pearson. The edges of the appliques are zigzagged. For the second turtle front, I used Judy Murrah's "Lucy Loo's Pockets" from Jacket Jazz Encore.

    The feature fabric for side B is the African animals print in teal, green, purple, and black. For the back, I did easy crazy piecing with no embellisments, and for the front, I copied one of the styles from Carol Doak's Easy Reversible Vests.

    Once the fronts and backs were done, I put the vest together using Sandra Betzina's Gold Medal Vest Lining. This method will give you a perfectly reversible vest. You can't tell which side is the lining and which is not.

    I've had a change of heart with respect to buttonholes. After reading an article in Threads 98, I embraced a 2-pass buttonhole method as recommended by Sandy Sweeney.

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