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If you came here from Sara's page, you have some information on a submissive fearful or shy dog. This article tells the story of a another dog with a different temperament problem whose life that didn't turn out as well as Sara's did. Temperment is as important as physical soundness or looks are in a purebred dog. Please, if you are buying, be sure to get to know the dam (and sire, if possible). Her temperament will be the greatest clue to your dog's temperament. If you are breeding, please, please, don't breed a fearful or unpredictable dog. Sara sufferes every day because she is so shy.

Henrey, on the other hand, has a perfect mastiff temperment, and, except for being extremely immature, he is the perfect dog, IMNSHO.

Hip dysplasia and other physical defects can be devastating. This poem helped one dog owner express her grief. Every year dogs are put down due to the crippling effect of hip dysplasia.

Bloat can also be a very dangerous condition.

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MCOA Mailing List

Mailing list for the members of the Mastiff Club of America. Discuss club related topics. Member profile must include member's name. No forwarding of e-mail without the author's permission. Subscribe from their website: MCOA

English Mastiff Mailing List

This is the original English Mastiff list at Yahoo!Groups. If you can only handle the mail from one list for Mastiffs, then this is the one you should join. It is for owners, breeders and exhibitors of English Mastiffs and other related Molosser Breeds and restricted to adults interested to share information about Mastiffs. Our list is a friendly environment that welcomes people who want to meet breeders and owners and learn about mastiffs. We have experienced, knowledgeable breeders on this list who are willing to share their knowledge and help answer questions or educate new owners. Subscribe from their website: English Mastiff


If you are a potential mastiff owner, it is your responsibility to check out the breeders you are working with. Their dogs should have favorable results from OFA and CERF tests. You should be able to meet the dogs in person and judge their temperments for yourself; broodiness or nervousness is NOT an excuse for poor temperment. It is preferable to work with a breeder who is also showing her dogs and has points on those dogs towards championships. With a few exceptions, the only thing that I know about the breeders and or sites below is that they have mastiff pix on their webpages.
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* Diamond Head Mastiffs * Canis Max Magazine, the magazine for large dog lovers
* Mastiff Preservation The Mastiff Pedigree Pool was created to preserve, maintain and pool those pedigrees, worldwide, of the old English strains, with the intention of making them accessible, at the touch of the hands, to those interested. * * * * * * * * * *
* Rescue
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* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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