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July 7th, 2011 at 11:50 pm

Answering Spam

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Lily replied with:

Deer Mr Smith – May I call you May or is 30Roy more appropriate? I don’t no much ’bout seeing more than one side, but I can tell you about smells. Do you smell nice? My liddle brudder, Bruno, smells nice but then he farts. His farts can clear a room.

I have lots of dreams, too. Usually, they involve running or eating or playing.

I have a great life, too. Only, I used to be able to lie on the couch. Now, I have to lie on the ground. Bruno sumtimes gets to go on the couch if Chunguita is holding him.

I’m glad you aren’t searching for Miss Perfect. Mami says that I am not the perfect dog. Henrey, now, he was great dog, but not me. I don’t have money. However, life is pretty easy. I sleep in the sun, get hot, sleep in the shade, get cold, sleep in the sun, and so forth. I go for walks, and I get fed 2 times a day. Sumtimes Bruno sleeps wiff me in my crate.

Oh, and I’m easy, except for one ear that seems to get dirty.

I like men. I like women, too. I don’t care if you are handsome or ugly, as long as you don’t smell bad. I am usually gentle, but the other day, Bravo hooked a toenail in my nose and made it bleed. I had to flatten him for that.

I do know what I want. And I LOVELOVELOVE to cuddle. It would be fantastic to sleep in your bed with you.

I never lie. I’m not interested in a pen pal either. I don’t think I could hold a pen in my paw.

Please, write back. I am very interested in meeting you.

Lily Mastiff

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