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April 17th, 2011 at 9:08 am

Tough Day

Yesterday started fine. Chunguita and I were home alone, so we slept into 8:30. Chunguita went off to help at an open house at her daycare, and I stayed home, cleaned the kitchen, picked up poop, and exercised. I’d started the day with a sore throat. Exercising was so hard. And I felt worse afterwards. My legs were very heavy, and they ached the whole time, all of 25 minutes. When I was done, I felt as stiff as I do when I got out of bed.

Then ED came calling. It’s like a psychotic break. I’m sitting there beating myself up because I’m sure that I feel this way because I am fat, because I let myself get fat, so it’s all my fault. I bring myself down to the point where I get suicidal thoughts. Now I have skillz/toolz, tho, so I’m not actually suicidal. I just sat myself down and watched TV (distraction) until ED was gone.

So I get over that, and my mom calls. She’s been in the hospital since Tuesday, so Laila has been with Barbara & Pete who are the same age as my mom. It’s become too much for them. I’d take Laila, but she doesn’t like Lily or Bruno. So I called Mom’s vet/boarder and get things set up for Laila to stay with them. I call Mom back and tell her things are set up. She mention’s that my sister’s BFF is willing to dogsit, so I look up BFF’s phone number and call. No answer, but I leave a message. I call my sister and ask if BFF has a cell phone. She does, and I get the number. Sis says that BFF may be with a client today and unavailable. I call BFF’s cell and leave a message.

Then I wait.

So the time comes that if I want to get Laila to the boarder’s, I have to leave. I load up Chunguita, and we head for Oakland. Traffic is terrible, and it takes longer to drive there than usual. We park right by Mom’s which is very lucky, but I forget to pay the meter. When we check in, I need directions to Barbara & Pete’s. Finally, we get there and get Laila. B&P are old, so they are slow. It seems like forever to get out of there, and we are loaded down with all of Laila’s essential accessories. Back to the front desk to request entrance to Mom’s apartment. I don’t have a key. The apartment is on the other side of the complex, and a security guard will meet us there to let us in. Is the guard at Mom’s when we get there? Of course not. We wait. Guard finally gets there and lets us in. We dump Laila’s stuff and head out.

The vet/boarder is at Shattuck & Telegraph. I’m headed down 40th from Howe, and I turn left on Telegraph. That was not the right way to turn. Get it. Right way?

Anyway, we drove down Telegraph until it hit Broadway. Telegraph ends at Broadway, so at that point I knew we had turned the wrong direction. I turn around, by going around blocks, and head back up Telegraph. At last, we find Shattuck, but do I see the big pink building that is the vet? No, so I drive past it. Oh, wait, I can turn left! So I turn left, and turn right on 45th, another mistake. I thought I could easily go around the block, but I forgot about the interstate. So I have to drive over to MLK, Jr (could I have turned around? Oh, sure, thank you very much Epimethius) down to 52nd, left on Shattuck, and finally, we get there. My route They asked us to arrive at 4:15 because the check in process takes 45 minutes. It was 4:23.

We go in, and I learn that it takes 45 minutes to check in because you have to wait 45 minutes for the boarding tech to come talk to you.

Finally, finally, we get Laila checked in. We head off to Kaiser to see my mom and give her Laila’s leash.

By this time, Chunguita and I are starving, so we stop for dinner. So much for getting home at 5. We drive home without incident and arrive at 7:30. I’m exhausted.

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