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July 30th, 2001 at 4:08 pm

Camping Report

Our trip to the gold country was nice and hot. We camped at the American River Resort on the American River in Coloma. Coloma is mostly a state park around the site where John Marshal first discovered gold.

ARR was not much of a resort, but it was a pretty good camp site. DH reserved a site with water & power hookups. It was pretty cool to have hot water and electric lights in the tent trailer. The camp site was about 100 feet from the American River. Unfortunately, we had some boys tent camping below us who were very loud and swore with little imagination around 11 pm on Wednesday night. On Thursday night, we had a bunch of partiers move in next to us, but one of them was very concerned that Chunguita get a good night’s sleep, so she kept hushing people. I really appreciated that.

We drove up Wednesday night. It took us much longer to get there than we expected because the trailer hit resonance at 55 mph, and DH was afraid to try to drive any faster. So we toddled along at 50 mph. Chunguita slept the entire way up. The daycare staff kept her up from her nap until we got there. DH had asked them to do this. She usually goes down between 12:30 and 2:30. We picked her up at 2.

I took Chunguita up to the swimming pool, where we met a couple of nice families. They liked Chunguita. Robert spent that time setting up the tent trailer and making dinner. The only problem for me on this camping trip was that I’m deathly (and rightly so) afraid of being stung by a bee. Robert had these smoky incense thingies that were supposed to keep the mosquitoes away. We tried them. It worked very well to keep the bees away and the mosquitoes. It didn’t work on the flies. DH went out and bought a screened in room so that next time I won’t get scared by the bees.

The first night, we decided that Chunguita needed to be washed up, so we all went up to the showers. They didn’t have a family shower, butthere were a bunch of young teenagers goofing off in the women’s restroom, boys and girls. The boys got all embarassed, but I told them not to worry about it because my husband was coming in to help me give our baby a shower. Chunguita didn’t like the shower. The teenagers were cool about it, but when we were leaving, some guy gave DH a hard time about coming out of the women’s restroom. I told guy not to be a moron; we had to give out baby a shower.

We all slept very well. Our trailer has 2 kingsized beds and 2 more very little beds.

On Thursday morning, DH made the most wonderful bacon and egg breakfast. The we went over to the state park. It was so hot. Chunguita had a blast playing in the dust and running back and forth between me and DH. DH & I learned all about James Marshall and John Sutter and Coloma.

There isn’t much in Coloma, and I wanted an air-conditioned restaurant for lunch. We stopped at one, but it was a bar. The second one looked like a bar, but I could see people drinking soda or ice tea in the window. The potatoe salad there was excellent, and they gave us free refills on our lemonade. We tried to go back to the campsite for Chunguita’s nap, but it was 95F in the tent, so DH decided to drive me around to the wineries. There are 2. Gold Hill winery had a most excellent Sirah, so I bought some for DH. Venezio had a nice late harvest Zin. I bought some of that.

After Chunguita’s lunch, we braved the American River. There was a nice swimming hole right by our campsite, and this was the one time I was glad it was so hot. Sierra rivers and creeks are very cold. Chunguita and DH sat on a rock while I swam around. There was a styrofoam cup floating up-river. Chunguita thought it was very funny that I would play with it.

After the river, we had dinner. DH is a great cook. Then we went swimming in the pool until the staff came and told us that it was after dusk and we had to get out. That was Chunguita’s bath.

On Friday, DH made a great pancake breakfast and we packed up and headed home. I got home in time to go get my allergy shot.

It was a very good trip.

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