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April 7th, 2010 at 10:01 pm

Gains made since I started recovery:

No purging
stable weight for 2+ years
decrease in depression
Better understanding of MY nutrition needs
Mostly follow food plan
Can recognize distorted thinking and stop it
Can fight the urge to apply anything anyone says or does as a negative criticism of me (Example: Irene says she exercised, therefore Jennifer is a loser for not exercising enough)
Can set boundaries
Less guilt, feel less bad and more good about me
Better able to weather DH’s bad moods
Able to recognize and stop spinning thoughts
Able to fight negative body image and protect myself from triggers
Refuse to let negative thinking bring down … mostly
Can take a compliment … mostly

I don’t think anyone, except the psychologist at work, recognized how very sick I was, and even she would not have diagnosed me if I hadn’t sought her out. I mean, my public behavior and appearance would not have lead anyone to suspect an eating disorder. In 5 years, I have gone from wanting to isolate my self at home :depressed: and not eat :hungry: , to the above list of accomplishments. It’s been 5 years of hard work. If anyone is reading this is caught in the clutches of ED, you can change things. It’s hard, and it’s painful, but it’s worth it to go from killing yourself slowly to enjoying life. :accomplished:

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