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June 4th, 2009 at 6:57 pm


June 4th is also known as Festival De Crunch, during the celebration it is custom for the Crunchies to go out to eat with their Co-workers. :grinnod:

Back on topic … yeah, right.

Last night, I’m goofing off on facebook, and Pulguito is watching a Star Wars movie in my craft area. All of a sudden, I hear Chunguita screaming and crying. What could possibly be happening, I wonder; after all, Pulguito is no where near Chunguita. I run thru the house and find Lily pinned under DH. DH is scolding Lily (who seems totally unmoved), and Chunguita is crying. :disappointed:

“What happened?” I ask.

“LilyhadBruno’srawhideandItriedtotakeitawayfromherandshegrowledandbitme!” Chunguita cried.

Which explained why DH had Lily pinned and was growling at her. I wondered if he nipped her back. Anyway, DH couldn’t get Bruno’s rawhide out of Lily’s mouth, and after a bit more chastisement, he put Lily outside (aka isolation from the pack). I didn’t think Lily should get to keep the rawhide, so I went outside, pried her mouth open by pinching her lips so that they squeezed under her back teeth which forces her to open her mouth a bit or bite herself, and I took the rawhide away from her.

Poor Lily, she doesn’t understand the pack order in our house. Well, she thinks she should be above Chunguita and Pulguito and Bruno. And, I think, pack hierarchy is determined between the individuals, so she occasionally makes the mistake of asserting herself to Chunguita or Pulguito. Then she gets it from me or DH, and I’m not sure that this really makes sense to her. Ah, well, she did learn that Chunguita and Pulguito get to sit on the furniture and that she does not.

Fortunately, situations like this are very rare for us.

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    Yikes! Scary though when a dog that big decides they are above your kids. My parents’ corgi often feels that he is (my parents pretty much do too) — it’s taken a lot of work on my part and a lot of maturity on his part to convince him otherwise (or at least to convince him to keep his opinions to himself).

    Ruby sometimes growls at the kids if they nudge her on the couch. I’m not sure what we’ll do when we get a bigger dog as Ruby is allowed on the couch but a mastiff probably won’t be. Well, the corgi accepts that distinction and he’s allowed everywhere at my folks’ house.

    Just rambling now. Glad Chungita is fine. I think you were right to take the rawhide away completely.

    Liza Lee Miller on June 4th, 2009
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