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March 4th, 2009 at 7:35 pm

New Jean Jacket

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Which button?
Which button?
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Yay! I finished my jean jacket.

I know there are people out there (e.g. Lois Erikson) who like to pick their buttons before they even start the jacket. I am not like that. I always leave the buttons for last. I don’t think I would ever design a garment around a button; that’s just not me. In this case, I started with the fabric. I loved this purple brocade, but I wanted a casual garment so that I could wear it everyday. And, it’s polyester, so it can’t be a shirt.

Button chosen
Plain purple button chosen.

Chunguita did not care for the silver button. When Anne dropped Piper off for a play date, I asked Anne her opinion. She eliminated one of the flower type buttons; I forget which. I ended up choosing the plain purple button. I looked in my plain purple button bag and decided that I had enough buttons for the jack.

On to the buttonholes! I had used black thread to construct the jacket. I, briefly, considered using black for the buttonholes. I was also looking at how far I wanted the buttonholes from the edge of the jacket with the 2 black buttonhole tests. I decided closer is better and that the buttonholes needed to be in purple thread.

My button fit perfectly in my sample buttonholes, so I made ALL the buttonholes necessary on my jacket. I decided to leave off the one at the collar, so that meant 6 buttonholes down the front and 2 cuff buttonholes. I pull out my baggy of purple buttons, and yes, I do have lots of purple buttons, BUT I only have 4 of the type chosen for the jacket. I need 8! :pinch: Well, I decided to use 2 buttons that were very similar in color and finish, but slightly smaller and with 4 holes, in addition to the four like the one I initially chose. If you look close at the pic of my jacket, you can find the 2 different buttons. I used a third button for the cuffs.

Ah, well, live and learn.

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