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October 18th, 2004 at 10:58 am


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Robert took the kids to Fairyland on Saturday. They had a really good time. Did you know that you can get married at Fairyland? I wish we had. The pictures would have been cool. I love Fairyland.

Mom and Dad came over on Sunday. They were 2 hours late getting there, and that seems to be par for the course these days. I wish they could plan better. The waiting is really hard on Chunguita. Not only did they not leave the house until 12:45 (to arrive at our house at 1:00 – I don’t think so), they stopped at Home Depot on the way where they spend 1.5 hours with an idiot who couldn’t even find their order on the computer.

I told Mom that she really had no excuse for going to Home Depot on Sunday. I don’t even go on the weekends. It’s a zoo. It’s worth it for me to take time off to go during the week. They should be going then, too. And I’ve found that that is the best time. The most knowledgeable people are there then so that they can work with the contractors who come in with big orders.

When they finally got to the house, it was raining, so they couldn’t take the kids to the park. Pulguito took about 5 minutes to warm up to them. Layla likes Chunguita and isn’t sure about Pulguito. Chunguita had a great time putting a puzzle together with Mom. Dad fell asleep with Pulguito running in circles around him, screaming. I wish I could do that. We had fresh, swimming in the ocean on Friday, fish for dinner. We are fish pigs.

After dinner we went to Coco’s for a piece of pie. It was Robert’s idea. I don’t know what his problem is, but he can’t ever seem to remember how painful it is to take the kids out to eat with the world’s slowest eater.

Pulguito slept poorly, waking every 2 hours. I wonder if all the excitement gave him nightmares. Chunguita slept very soundly, a night we thought would never come.

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