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January 20th, 2009 at 10:42 pm


I’m sad. Jack, Eina, and Vivian are flying back to New Zealand. :disappointed:

I had a really tough day. I waffle between really wanting to eat crap and really wanting to not eat and having an upset stomach. Oh, that’s between the crying bouts. I was able to get the kids to school today, get Pulguito’s DS to DH’s truck so Pulguito could have it at daycare, get to group, and get to work. I didn’t get much work done. I’m having a hard time concentrating. Even writing this post is difficult. There were several things that I wanted to blog about today, but I can’t remember them. :crazy:

I suppose it is progress that I don’t feel like I’m trapped in an unending hell anymore. I feel so heavy. I try to avoid saying that I feel fat, but I feel fat, too. The feeling fat is part of the heaviness, but the heaviness is in my arms and hands and neck and head, like I’m swimming thru peanutbutter. Maybe my feeling fat is just my upset tummy.

Ha! Feeling fat! I should say feeling fatter than usual.

I don’t want to purge tho, so there’s some more progress.


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