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October 28th, 2004 at 10:06 am

Back to Normal?

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Pulguito’s fever broke around 7:30 am yesterday, so he’s back at daycare today.

Yesterday morning, as I was getting them ready, Chunguita asked if Pulguito were going to stay home. When I said yes, she wanted to know why she couldn’t stay home, too. I told her because I was going to run errends. She had a meltdown, demanding to go, too. As a compromise, I told her she could come with us to Starbuck’s. She calmed down, but after she got dressed, she decided she didn’t want to go to Starbuck’s.

As we were leaving, Pulguito melts down when he realises we’re not taking his daycare pack. I go back and get it. He’s confused when we get to daycare, because we go to Chunguita’s class. He always gets dropped off first. Since he loves PS3, he settles down, but when Chunguita takes off her coat, he wants to take off his coat and stay, too. Poor little boy with great big tears! He didn’t stop crying until we got to Starbuck’s and he got a sip of the (decaf, nonfat) latte.

This morning, I’m getting him dressed which is always a battle. After I get his pants, shirt, and sweatshirt on, I put him down on the floor so I can search for his shoes. Robert goes out to start the truck, and Pulguito goes running out after him. I’m in my pj’s with socks, no shoes, and I have to go running out after barefoot Pulguito. Pulguito was frantic until Robert and Chunguita came back into the house to help get his shoes on. And will Pulguito wear just any shoes? No, it has to be the leather boots.

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