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July 9th, 2001 at 5:00 pm

I love my minvan.

We bought a Ford Windstar at the beginning of June. We decided to go with Ford because of cost/availability and our past experience. The local dealer was having a “sale” of $4500 off the “price”. I figured that meant we didn’t have to haggle. I hate buying cars. We have a Ford explorer, and my Mazda Protege had a Ford engine in it.

I wasn’t wild about the idea of a minivan. It’s a big change to go from a Mazda Protege to a minivan, and there are things that I miss about my little car (gas mileage, handling, ease of parking). But I have to say that overall, it has been a very good experience.

That car has double motorized sliding back doors. I thought that would be a big hassle because it was just one more thing to break, but I LOVE THEM!!! It makes it so easy to get Chunguita into the car when my hands are full, and I can open both of the doors while approaching the car to let all the hot air out.

We took the minivan to Lake Tahoe, and it was a pretty nice ride. Last year, we took the Explorer. If we take out the back seat, we’d have much more storage than in the Explorer, but then we wouldn’t be able to drive with me, DH, Chunguita, and los abuelos all together in one car.

The van has airconditioning in the back, so I don’t worry that Chunguita is suffocating while I am freezing. DH loves the 6 CD player. I’m a nerd; I like to listen to NPR/PRI.

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