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December 10th, 2008 at 6:01 pm

Pulguito Problems

pulguito dancing
pulguito dancing
pulguito dancing

[big sigh]

Pulguito got sent to the principal today.

They were in the auditorium practicing the winter program. Tony and another boy were up on the bleachers, back row, where they were supposed to be, but they were jostling each other and pretending to try and push each other off the bleachers. A teacher, not his teacher, came over to tell them to stop, and Pulguito made a gun shape with his hand and shot her.

His teacher said the principal was patient and was able to get Pulguito to explain his actions.
Principal: What does it mean when you make the gun sign and shoot someone?
Pulguito: It means, I’m going to kill you.
Principal: Do you mean to kill her?
Pulguito: No.

So, if it happens again, he get suspended.

The principal wanted to know if he’d been evaluated in any manner.

YES, YES, YES, by the school district. ARGH!

Well, she is the interim principal. The regular principal was very pregnant the last time I saw her, so she does have a good excuse. And it’s an excuse that I understand and empathize with.

It was nice to hear from his teacher that, “It shouldn’t be this hard.”

Ah, well, I talk to the principal again tomorrow. Maybe we’ll get the help that we’ve been asking for since he was 3.

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    I’m so sorry. That sounds really scary and stressful. I’m glad the principal handled it well. I wish I had some good suggestions for you. It sounds like you are wanting the school to do something they aren’t willing to do. Have you looked at private help as well? You probably have . . . I’m just grasping at straws to offer up something that resembles help. If you want to email, I’m listening! :)

    Liza Lee Miller on December 10th, 2008
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