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November 18th, 2008 at 12:08 am

Risky Situation Plan – family gone = binge

What is the situation?
Robert is taking the kids camping, so they will be gone overnight. The last time this happened, I binged on a chocolate candy bar. The time before that, I binged on cookie dough.

What are your expected urges?
A binge on something sweet & fatty in the evening, after dinner while I am home alone.

Date:Saturday, November 21 to Sunday November 22
Friday Night: Shower before going to bed.
7:00 Get up and eat breakfast (the usual oatmeal), meds, teeth
7:30 Help Robert get out of the house with the kids
8:00 Go shopping in PJ’s (special program in downtown Livermore) – warning dangerous food, maybe better to go to Starbucks and get my iced coffe or better to stay home until 9, then go to Starbucks and have coffee and snack (yogurt cup thingy & sweet thing? No. Going to lunch with Janet) and work on journal or read & practice art book exercises. Could get Starbucks and go sit at fountain.
10:00 Home to get dressed
10:15 Snack: see 8 am discussion_________________________________________________________
10:30 drive up to Walnut Creek
11:00 Meet Janet at sushi restaurant by ASG meeting
1:00 ASG stash sale
4:00 Home & Snack:_______________________________________________________________________
4:30 Walk Lily
5:30 Make Dinner:_________________________________________________________________________
6:00 Eat Dinner
7:00 Go to Joann’s.
8:00 Watch TV? This makes me nervous. But I would like to watch TV that I can’t watch with the kids. Maybe I just can’t watch TV this time … so I’ll surf the web. I won’t have a chance to surf earlier in the day.
10:00 Bath
11:00 Go to bed

Specific safety plan: How will you manage this situation? What strategies will you use?
I decided to manage the plan via schedule. Will present plan to group. Need input on PM snack and dinner.

Back-up safety plan: If your initial safety plan doesn’t work out, what alternate strategies will you use?
I will send an e-mail to Robert, right now, to ask him to either take the great big chocolate bar camping or to toss it. Done. That should do it. There isn’t anything else in the house. Cross fingers – can’t hurt.__________________________________________________________________

Date of exposure practice: __________________________________________________________

Outcome: How well did your plan work? What did you learn from this exposure practice?





Revised plan for next time: Based on your exposure practice,
what do you need to change in your safety plan for the next time you practice
this situation?





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