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September 12th, 2008 at 12:40 am

Exercise Resistance, Part 4

Part 3


To better understand exercise resistance, we can borrow from our understanding of how weight loss diets have affected eating behavior. We know that weight loss diets are a key aspect in the historical mistreatment of overweight individuals, in many cases actually contributing to binge eating, which increases over time. Responses from the women surveyed support the view that exercise resistance may be an unexpected, unconscious backlash against the current cultural emphasis on slimness and the overfocus on the symptom; for example, the weight, instead of the inner psychodynamic issues.

Blah, blah, blah, yawn.


  1. What feelings and associations emerge for you at hearing the term exercise? Why?
  2. When did being physically active change for you from “playing” as a child to “exercise”? When did it shift from something natural, an activity you did spontaneously (for example, from an internal drive), to something you felt you should do?
  3. Has physical activity ever been something that you did to control your weight? If so, how was that for you, and how has it affected your motivation to exercise?
  4. How did your exercise attitudes change during and after puberty?
  5. Does being physically active relate in any way to your sexuality? If so, how?

Item 1. SHOULD I should exercise more. It’s good for me, so I should exercise. It will lessen the chances of me getting diabetes, so I should exercise. It will lessen the chances of me getting heart disease, so I should exercise. It will help me lose weight, so I should exercise. Sould, should, should, ….

Item 2. Very early. I remember being in 1st or 2nd grade and having to do unpleasant things like run (boring) around the quarter mile track, chair pushups, and situps. OTOH, I enjoyed playing volleyball well beyond college, and I enjoy swimming still.

Item 3. Of course. In fact a news article just came out that said if people with the obesity gene would just exercise for 3-4 hours per day, they would not be obese. Sure, 3-4 hours/day. Should, SHOULD, SHOULD. I resent it. It’s not fair. See item 1.

Item 4. Puberty – that would be when my mother started to tell me that I would get fat if I didn’t exercise. Or she told me that I was fat, and I should exercise. Having large breasts also tended to make exercise unpleasant.

Item 5. I don’t think it does. … Well … It seems that I traded my mom for my DH. He is now on my case to exercise more.

Part 5, coming soon.

Reference: Eating Disorders: Exercise Resistance in Women

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