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September 11th, 2008 at 12:15 am

Exercise Resistance, Part 3

Part 2


  1. A history of sexual abuse of any kind at any age.
  2. A history of three or more weight loss diets.
  3. Exercise used as a component of a weight loss regimen.
  4. A larger body size as a boundary or defense against unwanted sexual attention or sexual intimacy (be it conscious or unconscious).
  5. Parents who forced or overencouraged exercise, especially if the exercise was to compensate for perceived, or actual, overweight in the child.
  6. Early puberty or development of large breasts and/or early significant weight gain.

Well, these are going to be fun. What?

Item 1. I was surprised to see this on the list. It had never occurred to me that the two would be related.

Item 2. I rather doubt I can count the number of weight loss diets that I have been on. I think I’ve been on one for the majority of my teen and adult life.

Item 3. Of course.

Item 4. I wonder. It’s possible, so it would be unconscious.

Item 5. I remember my mother telling me that I had better do after school sports if I didn’t take phys ed during school. The implied or what was “or you’ll get fat(ter)”.

I also remember sitting with one of my brothers, looking at a high school yearbook. He couldn’t find me on the volleyball team. When I pointed myself out to him, he said, “My GOD! You were anorexic.”

That’s not what my parents were telling me, and I’m sure I thought I was fat at the time.

Item 6. Early puberty – I was 10 years old. It was awful. Elementary schools are not set up for girls who have periods. I wasn’t allowed tampons, and the pads in those days were enormous. It was messy, and I was so uncomfortable with cramps and with the general messy, smelly, sticky feeling. I think I’ll let Chunguita stay home for the first two days, especially if she’s 10.

Development of large breasts – oh yeah. That’s me. I think I was a C cup in 6th grade.

Sheesh, no wonder I suffer exercise resistance. Not that I’m going to use that as an excuse or even dwell on it. I’m a CBT true-believer. But it’s nice to know that there’s more to it (or maybe it’s not even that) than my being lazy.

Part 4, coming soon.

Reference: Eating Disorders: Exercise Resistance in Women

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