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August 22nd, 2008 at 2:26 pm

Give Blood, Give Life

So I went to give blood this morning. I like giving blood, when I can. Often, I just can’t, mostly because of a lack of time, but also because if I give blood, then I can’t exercise that day. (I have an eating disorder, remember?)

It’s not convient to give blood. I have to drive to Pleasanton which can take over an hour each way. It’s not far, but traffic is hellacious. I (almost) always give when they come to my worksite.

This morning was a particularly fun time at the blood bank. Usually, I offer them my left arm for blood. They look at it; they look at my right arm, and I can’t remember which they decide to try. Today, I thought I’d try something different, so I offered my right arm. Big mistake. It took her a long time to find the vein. Then I, naively, moved, the vein rolled, and when she went to stick me, she couldn’t get the vein. Well, she got the vein, but it didn’t “catch” (I think that’s what she said). Anyway, it took two of them to decided what to do; they pulled the plug. Did you know that you get a lot more bandaging when you don’t give blood after a stick than when you do? You also get an ice pack and more bandaging.

I said, Let’s try the left arm.

She found the vein right away. She nailed the stick. My blood pumped out quickly. I got my cotton and little bandage, some cranberry juice, and dried fruit.

The tech apologized profusely. I told her that it was okay. The only thing that would have made me upset was not being able to give blood. I took time out of my day off to come and do this, drove to another city, and want to feel like I’m contributing. I would have been pissed if I got turned away after all the time invested.

So I feel good about donating blood.

I’m beating myself up for not figuring out how to exercise today.

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