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May 16th, 2008 at 12:12 am

A bit of altering.

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So I put the pants aside for a bit. I have so much fabric. :depressed: I swear that I have stopped buying fabric. … Well, mostly. I did buy some at Happy Stop at the last BABES, but that is the last. I swear to stick a needle in my eye, or is it that I swear to thread a needle? Whatever! Like it matters because everytime I go to BABES, Georgene throws fabric at me. Yes, it’s all Georgene’s fault.

Since I can’t work on my pants until I get more interfacing, I decided to dig thru one pile of fabric and match fabric to patterns. I matched a long cut of royal blue course weave cotton to Decades of Style 1930′s Salon Trouser’s, but I did not want to start on them because that would mean that I have to find a flat surface to put my current pants project on, and I have covered all flat surfaces, other than the cutting table, with my crap. Instead I picked up Simplicity 2956. I thought it would work well with a knit poly jersey that Georgene threw at me sometime in the recent past.

The pattern goes up to size 20, bust 42, which is my size right or as close as Simplicity seems to be able to get to my size. I’d love to tell you which view I like, but because this is a Project Runway pattern, Simplicity has decided to abandon their useful and previously consistent labeling practice that enabled us, their customers, to easily communicate about the different views in their patterns. :rant:

I like the 2 tank top styles; the pattern calls them the v-neck bodice and the surplice bodice (wouldn’t view’s E & G been easier to say?). I start tracing the pattern. Hm. The bodice, both view E & G, are lined. That is not a good idea for a poly top meant to be worn in the summer in Livermore. And the poly in question is not sheer. Hm. I’m not sure what I’ll do about that, but I doubt the first version of either will be lined.

After the tracing comes the fitting …
I sew my pattern pieces together and try them on …

And I remember why it is that I stick with BurdaPlus. My bust point is 4 inches/10 cm below the bottom of the v-neck bodice pattern piece. :what:

I do an FBA, which adds length, but my bust point is still 3 inches below the pattern piece. I’m considering using the top front pattern piece from the BurdaPlus twist top to help redraft the bodice piece.

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