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May 12th, 2008 at 12:17 pm


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Gravesite at the marae
Beautiful structure next to Te Whiti Park

We didn’t have a lot of time to explore much of anything in New Zealand, but I was especially disappointed to not have learned more about the Māori. We did try to visit a Māori museum, but it was closed. :disappointed: Since I wasn’t driving, I have very little idea where it was in New Zealand that we visited. The museum was right by Te Whiti Park.

Alas, I can’t figure out the name of the museum.

Across the street from the park was a lovely building. It is the Waiwhetū marae.

This was the
beginning of a
collage, but I
didn’t take
more pix. I
really like the
carving details.

When we arrived at the museum, I was enchanted by the marae, a Māori meeting house. I had no idea what it was. I went across the street to take pictures and get a closer look. Eina came with me, and we checked out the front yard. There was a gravesite there, so I guessed that it was a religious site. Eina and I looked around the yard, then we went up to the front porch.

The front porch was glorious. The carvings and paintwork were just wonderful.


While we were examining the carvings, a man came out of the building and asked if we were there for the funeral. We answered no, and we were terribly sorry to have intruded. He then told us that we could come back on the weekend because there would be much more going on for us to see.

I felt just terrible. I acted like a clod, barging in without a thought that this was a special place where people would be having a private affair that was none of my business. What’s worse was that the man was more concerned about us than anything else. If he was feeling affronted, he sure didn’t show it.

We left immediately.

Unfortunately, we were not able to return on the weekend. I found a children’s book on meeting houses at Te Papa museum. They are like a community building, but it seems that it is much more than that. I haven’t had time to really read the children’s book. :dizzy: I just have too much going on, like writing these posts. :)


I really would have liked to gone back and learned about the building, how it’s used, the carvings, the history, the crappy way the Māori have been treated by the white settlers. I did take a few more pix as we were leaving.


museum copy

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