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February 15th, 2008 at 3:58 pm

Recess Woes


Recently, Chunguita has been dreading school. One night, it got so bad that she was crying in bed. It turns out that she hates recess. She doesn’t like to play the games that the other girls are playing, and she doesn’t like to play with the boys. Her anxiety had gotten so great that she couldn’t eat breakfast or lunch. We lay in bed together and talked. The girls play tag, which is against the rules, and Chunguita, like her mother, likes to follow the rules. The other game that the girls play is jumprope, except that this seems to be all about Victoria jumping and no one else is allowed to jump. I wouldn’t like that either.

I didn’t have any suggestions for her. I didn’t want to say something like, “This to shall pass.” or some other such trite expression. While it may be true, saying things like that never helped me feel better when they came from outside. Now, when I say them to myself, that’s something else.

I held her until she had settled enough to go to sleep. In the morning, she had a plan. She decided to take her fairy book with her and read it during recess. She only did this for one day.

On the second day, Chunguita told me that they had made up a new games to play with the jumprope, and she isn’t anxious any more.


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    Did I say that to you? I thought that I only said that to myself.


    Donna on February 16th, 2008
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