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April 5th, 2002 at 3:31 pm


I haven’t colored easter eggs with Chunguita, yet. I think she is still too little for me to be able to bear it. The other thing is that she doesn’t know what easter is, yet, so she doesn’t miss it.

Of course, this year, DH & I were building a patio the Saturday before Easter while Abuelo played with Chunguita, so any egg coloring was a pipe dream. We moved 2 tons (US) of rock. I was so tired but not that sore.

I think when she is older and understands what is going on wrt coloring eggs a little better, we will try it. But right now, coloring eggs would be me and/or DH struggling to watch her and keep her entertained while I/DH colored the eggs. I don’t think that would be fun for any of us. She colored an egg at daycare, and we ate it the next day.

She did like scooping the stuff out of the pumpkins at daycare. The only Christmas cookies that I made this year were the ones from a tube that you slice. My secretary won’t give us support unless we play along with her plans for the holidays, so we all have to sign up to bring in food before Xmas. I stayed home from work to make those stupid cookies, and I told my manager that I wasn’t going to charge vacation or personal time for it either because it was a work requirement. He laughed and had a cookie.

We do decorate, but let me put the emphasis on WE. DH likes it, too. If he didn’t want to do it, too, we probably wouldn’t do it. The reality of the situation is that I can’t watch her and do the decorating. I certainly couldn’t watch more than 1 kid and do decorating.

My mother struggled with the supermom thing and resented us all. My father did what he could do and let the rest of it go. It was much easier for my father. I decided that I was going to be like him. Easy to say; much, much harder to do. But once I made that decision, I could take a deep breathe and remember that I had given myself permission to not do things like make cookies/gingerbread house, decorate, carve pumpkins, and so forth.

I love doing that stuff, and I have a large streak of Martha, the domsetic dominetrix, in me. But I also work fulltime and want to play with my daughter. Those 2 things are higher on the list.

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