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April 4th, 2002 at 3:21 pm


Chunguita’s sleeping has improved. It takes her 30-40 minutes to fall asleep, a big improvement over 60-90 minutes. I go thru a very specific progression of
1. nursing and singing
2. lying down with her and rubbing her back
3. sitting with her and rubbing her back
4. sitting on the edge of her bed and rubbing her back
5. sitting on a stepstool along side her bed and rubbing her back
6. sitting on the stepstool and NOT rubbing her back
7. standing by the bed, standing at the foot of the bed (sometimes I sing)
8. standing at the door with door closed (sometimes I sing)
9. standing at the door with door open
10. standing outside the door.

So far she hasn’t made it past 8. I’ve been slowly cutting back on the time I spend at each station; we’re down to 4 minutes except for station 1. As I cut back on the time, sometimes I have to introduce the new station. However, lately, she’s been falling asleep faster.

She had a really hard time when first added 3. and again when I added 4. 5. was less of a problem, but 6 was tough. 7 was tough, and she probably hasn’t noticed that I moved back to 8, so 8 has been easy.

My goal is to put her in bed and leave the room. I’m figuring she’ll be there somewhere around her 24th birthday. :) My other goal is to feel confident that DH and she won’t have a hellish time if I go on business travel. He won’t be able to do 1, but he could do the others. Or at least, she won’t be expecting to be nursed to sleep.

She likes to prolong the process with “big hugs”. It’s really hard for me to say no to big hugs. She is so darling and sweet. It’s not possible for me to have too many big hugs from her.

She isn’t sleeping thru the night consistently, but on most nights she makes it to 5 am. That’s when DH gets up anyway. He’s a robin. So it isn’t interfering with his sleep. She comes and gets into bed with me. Maybe someday, she’ll want to spend time with him in the mornings.

Lately, I haven’t been sleeping. My HMO put me on 5 days of clomid to see how challenged I might be to ovulate. They do this with all women who come in with infertility issues over 35; even those whose husbands have terrible SAs and vericoceles. It totally dried me out, made me much more irritable, and is interferrng with my sleeping. Hopefully, I will come thru all the tests as normal and not have to do anything
other than make sure DH has his operation. My mother had me at 38 and my little brother at 39, so I’m hopeful my reproductive system has stayed young, too.

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