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November 1st, 2007 at 12:27 am


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I posted a link to a Flickr group that had pictures of clothing that had been custom sewn for fat women. The link was deleted as inappropriate because, and I’m guessing here, one of the members posted pictures of her bare breasts in her own area, not the group area, mind, just her own area. It took three clicks to get to her images.

PatternReview had damn well better ban all linking to photohosting sites that they don’t control because I’m darn sure I could get to bare boobies in three clicks from any of them.

Some people are such prudes.

(time passes)

That’s it. I’m thru with PR. I posted a link to the FatSew group at flickr in the plus sized sewing section of the message board. It got removed because it was a link to inappropriate content. The only content at FatSew are pictures of clothing sewn for fat women. When I sent an inquiry to Deepika (PR’s her site), she tells me that I should be respect other members and not to post content that will scare off new members. [sarcasm] I had no idea that clothing for fat women was that offensive and frightening. [/sarcasm]

The atmosphere at PR is too repressive and confining for me. It’s filled with prudes who have sticks up their asses. Then there’s the stupidity of the moderators; that overwhelms me. She can’t tell the difference between a Flickr group and the “home” page of a Flickr member. Fucking stupid.

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