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October 22nd, 2007 at 9:55 am

Feast Day(s) for Today

Feast day of St. Philip of Heraclea and his Companions, St. Mellon or Mallonus, St. Abercius, Saints Nunilo and Alodia, and St. Donatus of Fiesole.

St. Philip of Heraclea
Bishop of Heraclea and martyr. During the persecution of the Church under Emperor Diocletian, Philip was arrested along with his deacon Severus and two other clergy, Hermes and Eusebius. Taken before the magistrate, Blassus, they were ordered to hand over the Sacred Scripture, but refused. Moved to Adrianople, they were burned at the stake. All four share the same feast day.

St. Mallonus evangelized Normandy.

St. Abercius
“Abercius by name, I am a disciple of the chaste shepherd, who feeds his flocks of sheep on mountains and plains; who has great eyes that look on all sides.”
“He taught me…faithful writings. He sent me to Rome, to behold a kingdom and to see a queen with golden robe and golden shoes. There I saw a people bearing the splendid seal.”
“And I saw the plain of Syria and all the cities, even Nisibis, having crossed the Euphrates. And everywhere I had associates, having Paul as a companion. Everywhere faith led the way, and set before me for food the fish from the spring, mighty and pure, whom a spotless Virgin caught and gave this to friends to eat, always having sweet wine and giving them mixed cup with bread.”
“These words I, Abercius, standing by, ordered to be inscribed. In truth, I was in the course of my seventy-second year.”
“Let him who understands and believes this pray for Abercius…”

Saints Nunilo and Alodia were virgins and saints.

St. Donatus of Fiesole
An Irishman who became bishop of Fiesole, Italy Traveling through that city while returning from a pilgrimage to Rome in 829, Donatus entered the cathedral. Candles caught light and bells rang, prompting the people to elect him bishop.

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