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September 10th, 2007 at 12:33 am

Good-bye Annette

Good-bye Annette

We put Annette down on August 16th. She was 18 years old, and she’s been with me for all but 4 weeks of those 18 years. I remember the day that I got her. I was waterskiing in the delta with Toni and Eric, and we stopped by a Safeway grocery store to get something. She and 2 other kittens were in a box in front of the store. Two boys were trying to give them away. I decided that if I remembered to look after we did our shopping, then maybe I was meant to have a kitten.

Well, they were still there when we came out. Annette came right up to my hand when I reached into the box. I picked her up, and she snuggled up to me. The other 2 kittens were cowering in the other corner of the box. So I took her home. (Note to self: never pick up a kitten.)

I was staying at my parents for the summer, and my mom is allergic to cats, so I really wasn’t supposed to have a cat. I kept her sequestered in my room with the door shut, and my mom never found out.

Being a kitten, Annette liked to play, and one night, oh, around 2 am, she was bouncing off the walls, and not being quiet about it. My dad walked by my room on the way to the bathroom and stopped. He could hear her, but he decided not to check things out. After he came out of the bathroom, he stopped by the door again. This time, he knocked. Of course, I let him in. “Oh, you have a kitten!” he said. And he stayed in my room playing with me and the kitten for the next hour. Did he tell my mom? No.

She eventually found out … well, I told her, because I couldn’t go to work if the kitten was bouncing off the walls for 3 hours every night between 2 am and 5 am. I had to put her somewhere else during that time and that meant taking her out of my room which meant coming clean to Mom. She didn’t explode. I guess she figured that at 24 there wasn’t much she could do about my not following the rules unless she wanted to kick me out. And it’s not like I was going to stay for much more than a month anyway. I’m sure I can come up with more ways to rationalize it.

Anyway, for the next 2 years, Annette and I flew back and forth between California and Illinios while I finished graduate school. For a while we had an Akita, Garth. Annette liked to grab Garth’s tail and run, so that his tail got stretched out and swung back to whack him. He’d get up and chase her. When he caught her, he’d hold her down, and Annette would scream. Of course, I pulled him off, but Annette would just lie there, looking at me as if she were saying, “What are you doing? I’m enjoying this?” So I let Garth mock-maul her.

I used to take Garth to work with me, but they decided to enforce the no dogs rule, so I had to stop, and Garth spent a month in his crate. I decided it was best for Garth to go live with someone else, so I found him another home.

After Garth, I got Danielle, a little black kitten. Danielle hated Annette. Annette would just be sitting there, and Danielle would jump on her and bite the back of her neck. Since Annette was bigger, she’d flip Danielle over and pound on her, but Danielle kept attacking Annette. The three of us came back to California and set up house in Pleasanton. Danielle was bound and determined to go outside. She got fleas. This was before frontline, and I really didn’t care for a house full of fleas or constant bombing, so Danielle went to live with Beth.

Then I got DH. Annette was not thrilled with this situation. When we were lying in bed, Annette would jump up onto the bed, climb over my legs, climb over DH’s legs, so that she could climb over DH’s face to lie with me. I thought that was hilarious. We were living in Livermore.

Then we (me and DH) got Frankie. Frankie hated Annette, something along the lines of Danielle. Frankie lasted a long time, 12 years, but she died from a kidney infection.

Then we got Sara and Henrey, both of whom lived less than 8 years.

Then Chunguita was born. At one point, Chunguita asked me if we could get a kitten, and I said, “Not until Annette dies.” Chunguita said, “Annette is never going to die.”

Then Pulguito was born. Pulguito’s opinion of Annette was different from Chunguita’s because he wanted Annette to live with him forever, and the idea of her dying made him very sad.

The day did finally come, and so Annette, I will miss you. You were a good cat.

I miss your purr at night and the feel of your little warm body snuggled up next to me.

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