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September 1st, 2007 at 3:40 pm

Only One More Day …


until the full evaluation for Pulguito. We had the physical/physical development part of the evaluation with the school district nurse a
couple of weeks ago. Tomorrow we go in for the rest of the evaluation.

The day before yesterday, he kicked one teacher and hit another. Something happened in the block area, so Teacher Angie pulled him aside and was talking to him. Of course, that description does not capture the elevated emotions. Pulguito was being told that he had to stop doing something, couldn’t have something, or had to leave an activity, and that makes Pulguito mad. Teacher Cheryl had positioned herself behind
Angie, providing backup/support. Pulguito kicked Angie. Then he wound up to punch her, Angie dodged, and Pulguito hit Cheryl. He ended up going to the office for a timeout (to calm down).

This sort of thing happens at home quite a bit, and we respond in much the same way. He has a timeout. I try not to escalate the emotions, but I don’t perceive that DH does that. That is, in my opinion, DH escalates things.


Cheryl is very concerned. She’s starting to worry that another child will get hurt, seriously hurt, either because they are a target of Pulguito’s wrath or because of a wrong place, wrong time situation. This has been a concern of mine for a while.

Pulguito is big. He’s 4 feet tall at 4.5 years old. He’s strong and well coordinated. Teacher Connie was trying to restrain him the other day, and she couldn’t hang on. She dropped him, and he opened a scab on his knee (to which we all reacted with tough-arooni, if you hadn’t been fighting with your teacher, it wouldn’t have happened). He only got a bandaid for it because I wanted to bathe him, and he thought the bandaid would keep it from stinging.

OTOH, Pulguito can be the sweetest, most helpful, very protective and caring little boy. He has a high level of empathy. It’s very frustrating to not know what to do about these behavioral issues. And hopefully, the school district will be able to help us.

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