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Acorns to Oaktrees

June 3rd, 2007 at 1:39 pm


DH and Chunguita
DH & Chunguita
Cindy’s Restaurant

We went to Yosemite for a couple of nights before Mother’s Day. We always plan on leaving early and stopping at Cindy’s in Oakdale for breakfast. Cindy’s is good. But the real reason we stop there is that it’s at the right spot at the right time. DH figures that if we can just get up and get out, we’ll get on the road earlier than if we all have to have breakfast. I dunno that it really matters. I have to eat before we leave, but I don’t stare slackjawed at cartoons while I’m supposed to be eating my breakfast. So maybe it does make a difference.

DH & Chunguita
At the campsite.

It is nice to arrive in Yosemite before lunch. In fact, we get there early enough that we can set up camp before it’s time to make lunch. DH made us grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch.

working hard
Working hard.

When the kids were babies, it was nice to be able to unhitch the trailer, load up the truck, and drive around, but now, we can all ride our bikes. The kids did great. We took an 8 mile round trip, and they both made it no problem.

ready to roll
Ready to roll.

The weather was perfect. It was cool but sunny and clear.


We decided to spend two nights this time. Usually, we just stay for one. Two nights gives us a lot more time. It was nice to be able to sit at the campsite, paint, and talk to DH while the kids played in the little stream behind the site.

The first afternoon that we were there, we took the bus to Yosemite Falls. They were repaving some of the paths, so things were not as accessible as usual. There was less water than last year, a lot less.

Some guy offered to take a picture of us at the trail head. I thought DH was going to explode while we were waiting. He asked me to never do that again.


After that we rode the bus back to the campsite and made dinner. I cleaned up after dinner. It seems fair since DH did all the food planning and cooking. He took the kids off on a walk, so I had a little alone time. We built a fire and roasted marshmellows. Then it was time for bed.

Thursday nights are nice when camping. The campsite is quiet because most people go to bed early. The party animals usually don’t show up until Friday or Saturday.

Our little camper has a large bed over the cab and a small bed in the dining area. I told DH that I would sleep with the kids in the big bed both nights. I was so hot the first night that I slept on top of the sleeping bags for most of the night.

My handsome boy

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