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January 12th, 2007 at 1:32 pm

Political Rant and Questions

in: Politics

You were warned!

We have met the enemy, and they are us. I’m so ashamed of the situation in Iraq. I wish there were an answer that we, the USA, could find. I’m afraid there isn’t. I believe that if we just leave, we are abandoning the civilians who just want to sent their kids to school, do their jobs, and live. I believe that if we don’t leave, nothing will get better there. Well, maybe not. I mean, we could go in and crush everyone, and that might work in the short run, but the middle east would explode if we did that, and it’s not justified. It would be criminal. It would be evil. It might be something that USA would do.

We are so dependent on oil. That is why we are there. I get that. I understand that without oil our military and commercial might would disappear. That’s my way of life. That is me. That is part of what makes it so hard.

What I don’t get is why we unfalteringly support Israel. Saudi Arabia, yes. Kuwait, yes. Dubai, yes. Anyone else who has large oil reserves, yes. But why Israel? If someone knows, please, tell me.

I also don’t get why Iran, a Shi’ite state, is part of the … what did our really stupid president call them? Empire of Evil?, but at the same time, we seem to be supporting the Shi’ites in Iraq. I mean, won’t the Iraqi Shi’ites turn to the Iranian Shi’ites the moment that the USA is gone? Isn’t that obvious? What’s going to happen to the Sunnis that live there? And what about the Kurds? I mean, now things may be better for them. They are fairly independent, but what happens when the USA leaves and the Shi’ites are in control of Iraq? Are the Kurds going to remain independent and safe?

And you know why I think we are allowing the slaughter in Darfur? I think we, the political entity that is the USA and controls the American military, are waiting for the people who are slaughtering the locals to finish the job, so that we, American industry, can go in and develope the oil.

We are pigs. We are slaves to oil. We have to do something.

While I’m at it, I’d like to point out that I understand that it’s really hard to give up oil. Look at Europe. They are 100% behind the Kyoto Protocol, or are they? Did they meet their goals? No.

I wish I had answers. Well, other than the reconsideration of nuclear power.

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