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February 3rd, 2016 at 10:34 pm


幸せ節分 or 幸せ立春

Happy Setsubun or Happy Risshun! This is a Japanese holiday celebrating the day before the beginning of spring (I think; these cross cultural holidays are not easy for me to decipher.) This holiday is part of the Spring Festival. It is associated with the Lunar New Year (but this confuses me because Risshun is always on Feb 3 which is the solar calendar).

豆撒き (mamemaki or scattering dried beans) is the ritual for today. When you throw your beans, you cleanse yourself (I think, maybe your surroundings?) of all of last year’s evil and drive away all of those disease bringing evil spirits of the new year.

This tradition came to Japan from the Chinese tradition of Nuo rituals or Nuo cults, 傩文化. Nuo translates to exoricism. This tradition/religion is regaining traction and recognition in China.

I start researching these things, and the deeper I dig, the more fascinating I find it.

I wonder if my dried bean is a dried soy bean? Being an American, I would like to toss navy beans and kidney beans and a blue bean if I can find one that hasn’t been dyed.

What am I thinking! I want to toss coffee beans! But are they really beans? And maybe a peanut should count, because it is a legume, unlike coffee. Does it make a difference to the evil spirits? If the evil spirits are the disease vectors, then no, it doesn’t make a difference. So there, I shall toss coffee beans.

Anyway, for your health in the new year, toss some beans!

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