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May 21st, 2015 at 10:27 pm


in: Gardening

I really like nigella. It took a couple of tries before I got it dependably reseeding in my yard. I didn’t try very hard. I’d buy a seed packet and throw the seeds in the area where I wanted the nigella to start.

Nigella & a lemon tree
There’s a lemon tree hiding behind that nigella.
Nigella with a funny center
White was one of the original colors. I took this picture because
the center of this bloom is different from the usual blooms.
Nigella - I'm always surprised by the color combos in the naturalized blooms.
The seeds that I planted were all solid colors. What colors?
That I have forgotten. The combinations of color that I get
from the naturalized blooms are always a delightful surprise.
seed heads
The seed heads are lovely as well.

Some more interesting color combos - nigella
Some more interesting color combos. Pink fading to
white at the petal tips and white with pink petal tips.
Pink fading to white
I hadn’t noticed this color combo before this year.

naturalized nigella - the original colors were pastels
The original colors were pastels.
Naturalized Nigella
Naturalized pink nigella
Nigel single
I’m pretty sure that all the seeds were for doubles; this
one reverted to a single. I also find the central stripe
effect of the blue on the
petal interesting.
Purple striped single
A purple striped single.

Seed head
Nigella in the front yard 500x375
A wide swath of nigella in the front yard.

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