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February 1st, 2002 at 3:00 pm

Stupid Cat

On Wednesday, the housecleaning crew comes and does an okay job of
cleaning our house. Annette, a cat, is always furious with us for
this. Frankie, the other cat, doesn’t seem to care.

Annette shows her anger by hiding and refusing to come when I call.
The cats are, suposedly, trained to come when called.

Wednesday when we got home from work, Annette was hiding. We didn’t
worry about it because she always does this. We decided to go out for
dinner. We get back from dinner, still no Annette. We get worried
because usually Annette only hides for an hour. Chunguita picks up on our
concern, and so we scour the house for Annette. No luck.

It’s Chunguita’s bedtime, and Annette has been hiding for 3 hours. Chunguita
is almost beside herself with worry, but I manage to calm her down and
get her to sleep. I look for Annette again. It has now been 4 hours
since we got home. I decide that maybe she got out when the cleaning
crew was there, so I go outside to look for her. It’s frigging cold
(29F), no Annette. I tell DH that I’m going to walk around the block
to look for her, no Annette.

I get back and that @#$% cat is sitting in the middle of the front room
waiting for me.

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