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August 2nd, 2014 at 3:41 pm

Do your bra straps fall off your shoulders?

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bra without fix to keep straps from sliding off my shoulders.
Unaltered bra.
Strap moved 1 cm (to center back)
Strap moved 1 cm toward center back

Mine do. The problem can be remedied by moving the straps on the back band closer to center back. The image to the left is one of my bras, as purchased.

The image to the right is one of my bras after moving the strap 1 cm toward the center back. I didn’t want it to show, so I did the bar tack on the inside. It works better if the strap is tacked on on the outside. When the strap is on the outside, the bra lies flat against my back. With it on the inside, the edge of the bra leans outward. It’s not a big enough deal for me to redo that first bra, but all the rest have the bar tack on the outside.

Before and after
Before & after.

The lower left image shows a bra before alteration and after alteration. I didn’t move the strap very much (~1 cm). It makes a huge difference.

You can see how the edge curls or leans out on the altered bra. I recommend tacking the strap down on the outside of the bra.

Steps to alter your bra straps:

  1. Cut off bra straps.
    • I tried to keep a straight line with the bra edge, but I don’t think it matters.

  2. Pin bra strap to the outside of the bra.
    • I recommend only moving it in a little bit, like 1 cm (1/2 inch).

  3. Tack down the bra.
    • I call this a bar tack, but it isn’t.
    • A bar tack would be a wide zigzag across the bottom of the strap.
    • I used a narrow (width of zigzag), tight (spacing of zigzag) zigzag stitch. I went back and forth a couple of times.

It’s really easy to do this. And it makes such a difference.

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