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December 3rd, 2001 at 3:04 pm

A sentence

Last night, Chunguita handed me one comb and DH one comb, saying “Mommy use.” and “Daddy use.”

And that was a huge improvement over the screaming banshee who didn’t want her hair combed.

That was the first and only time Chunguita has used more than 1 word at a time. Usually, it is just one word, like MORE! or SAUCE! or airplane. I would like her to say MORE HOTDOG or MORE BROCOLI, altho I should be happy she wants more brocoli.

She’s been understanding explanations from us for a while. In fact, when I ask her not to do something that scares me, I tell her that I don’t want her to do it because it scares me. That seems to have more weight than “dangerous”. She wants to test dangerous.

She’s just starting to answer with her own information, too. I used to ask if she wanted to eat, and if not, she’d say no, but if she wanted to eat, she’s be silent and I’d have to go thru a list of food. Now, if I ask her if she wants to eat, she will say “hot dog” or “apple”, sometimes “green bean” or “banana”.

Also, she loves air planes. She went up to Del Valle Regional Park with her father and watched hang gliders. When she came home, I asked her what she saw up at Del Valle, geese, boats, etc. She told me “air
plane”, not on my list.

Oh, and this is the really sad one. Her favorite playmate at daycare is Miles, and he just moved up to PS1 (from toddlers). When I asked her who she wanted to play with today, she said Miles. It’s sad. I hope she gets to move up soon. There are 3 kids ahead of her.

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