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February 14th, 2006 at 12:26 pm

The “Wise Mind”

The “wise mind” is a concept in DBT (Dialectical Behavioral Therapy). The idea is that there are 3 states of mind: “reasonable mind”, “emotion mind”, and “wise mind”.

A person is in “reasonable mind” when she is approaching knowledge intellectually, is thinking rationally and logically, attends to empirical facts, is planful in her behavior, focuses her attention, and is “cool” in her approach to a problem. I think of it as the objective state.

A person is in “emotion mind” when thinking and behavior are primarily controlled by her current emotional state. In “emotion mind,” cognitions are “hot”; reasonable, logical thinking is difficult; facts are amplified or distorted to be congruent with current affect; and the energy of behavior is likewise congruent with the current emotional state. I think of it as total immersion in the subjective state.

“Wise mind” is the integration of “reasonable mind” and “emotion mind”; it also goes beyond them. “Wise mind” adds intuitive knowing to emotional experience and logical analysis. There was a bit of a discussion on just what intuitive meant, but I think we all intuitively know what intuitive is. :o

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