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October 11th, 2013 at 10:06 pm

General Update

Chunguita & Alexis, with Elijah in the background
Basketball Practice
Pulguito at basketball practice

Stupid congress assholes. To add to our pain and suffering APOD is down. Government workers are getting back pay, which may lead to some bad feelings on the part of those who are required to work while their compatriots are off. However, back pay for federal contractors hasn’t been mentionned. There are a whole lot of federal contractors. We shall go on furlough on October 22nd. That’s no pay, no work, and, potentially, no benefits. Rob and I should be fine in the short run, but a lot of contractors are low wage and living paycheck to paycheck. They are good people doing their best in the national interest.

Kids are doing well.

Playground from Tammy Garcia‘s class

I finished up a class at 21 Secrets. As you can see, it was a watercolor class that mixed in doodling. I really enjoyed it. I took a different class 21 Secrets on doodling, and it just didn’t work for me. The teacher used markers, and I tried to use watercolor instead, and I just couldn’t make her technique work for me. Not everything connects, and that is okay. I thought Tammy‘s class was great, and that class really connected with me.

I traced the wrong size.

On the sewing front, I’ve been working on Vogue V1355, Sandra Betzina/Today’s Fit Pants. I always trace my patterns. So the pattern tracing is the white “paper” you see under the black in the image to the right. I dutifully measured myself, waist, tummy, and hips. My tummy is the biggest around, so I used that measurement to pick my sewing size. As you can see in the image to the right, that was a mistake. I laid a pair of knit pajama bottoms over the pattern piece (probably what I should have done in with the pattern tissue).

Fortunately, the pants that I made based on my first tracing were big enough to cover the various points in the pattern to make a second pair that was 2 sizes smaller (my hip measurement). I was a little nervous that the pants would be too snug across my tummy, but the 2 sizes smaller pattern piece compare favorably to the pj bottoms. The toile version came out fine … well, the legs were 6 inches too short. I have a 35 inch inseam, and I didn’t have enough fabric to make the toile long enough. In addition to going down 2 sizes from my original draft, I chopped 4 inches off the front crotch rise and 3 off the back. All seemed fine in the stretchy toile fabric.

Remembering that I need 3 yards of fabric (cf. 35 inch inseam) to make a pair of pants, I dug thru my fabric stash for suitable fabric. Alas, I only found 2 cuts of fabric that would work. One had a large amount of lycra, and I decided that it was too stiff. I eagerly unrolled the 2nd fabric only to discover that it had holes in it along the centerline! @#$%!!1! Sadly, the only garment fabric game in town is Joann’s, so I girded my loins and journeyed across town. I bought a rayon-poly blend; I can’t find it at the website. The fabric is not too thin and nicely drapey, but it has much less stretch than the toile fabric. I bought 3 yards of navy and 3 yards of a medium dark grey.

Because the pattern is a 1 piece pattern (2 if you count the waist band), it’s a pain to cut out. I want to cut in 1 layer from 60 inch wide knit fabric, so I need to strap my 2 cutting tables together. I cut the navy. I had some issues sewing the waistband on because it just barely stretched enough to match the pants; this was not an issue with my toile fabric.

Alas, I made the crotch rises too short! The pants are wearable as low rise pants, not what I intended, but they are very wearable. I’ve gone back to my pattern piece and added back in an inch in front and back. The crotch depth may not be big enough for my fabulous protruding ass, but I will address that after I get the rise closer to what I need.

I wore the navy pair to work, and I really liked them. They are comfortable, even as low rise, and very flattering. If I get a chance, I’ll post a pic.

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