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September 19th, 2013 at 10:59 pm

Bruno is improving

Yesterday, I went home midday to potty & pill him. He did not want to urinate or poop, but he NEVER wants to poop. I finally got him to pee.

We come home in the evening (My husband is on business travel). Bruno has pooped and pee’d in his 2 ft x 2 ft (60 cm x 60 cm) puppy run. I take him out to potty. He doesn’t want to potty. While I’m picking up Lily’s poops (damn, she poops like 5 times a day!), Bruno makes a break for it. It’s really kinda funny to watch him run with one paralyzed leg, slipping along. He runs out of the poop area. I start yelling. Lily gets all excited and starts bombing up and down the path to the poop area. I yell some more. The kids come running and take Lily away so she won’t stomp on Bruno. I’m mad at Bruno for not pee’ing and for running away, and he knows it, so he submissively urinates all over himself while lying on the ground on his back. (See, Mom, I need to save my pee.) ARGH!!! I pick up the pee covered prune … um … Bruno and take him back to the poop area. He gets hosed off because I’m tired, hungry, and ticked off. I carry him back inside.

Can I put him back in his run? No. It’s all poopy. So I put him down on the floor and tell him to wait, which he does for about 10 seconds. Then he gets up and tries to run across the floor. Again, it’s kinda funny because he slides and wobbles. More yelling, kids come running and corral Bruno. I clean up the poopy run and put him in.

So, I know he’s feeling better. He sure wasn’t trying to escape before.

Today when I went home, I cleaned the poop area before I took Bruno out, and then I took a book with me to the poop area. I read while I waited for him to potty. I also stood between him and the escape route. He finally pee’d, but no poop. We go back inside, I get his pill and wrap it in salmon skin, take it to him, and he’s pooped. ARGH!

However, at least, I didn’t go home to a poopy run after work.

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    Thanks for the update on the prune, er, Bruno. Did I get this right? He runs and then when confined, he poops? Running stimulates the bowels to empty so is there any way to confine him out in the poop area so he settles down and realizes that the time is right? Hugs to you, he’s giving you a ton of work. Thank goodness you’ve got children who can control (to some degree) the big one. Hang in there!

    Mary Beth on September 20th, 2013
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