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August 29th, 2013 at 10:33 pm


Bruno doesn’t seem to be in any pain and is adjusting to his change in circumstances. He’s not eating much.

I wish I could say the same. His plight has added up to an additional hour to my mornings, an additional midday trip home (not too disruptive since I still leave work to pick up the younger kiddo), and up to an additional hour to my evenings. I’m a working mom. A 2.5 hour hit per day is huge. My anxiety level is way up, altho the A/C is back on at work. Our offices were between 85 and 95 F / 30 – 35 C. So that wasn’t helping. I’m not sleeping well.

When we went to the vet, she did the pain test … you know, she pinches the dog’s paw. Bruno didn’t respond at all. That’s a really bad sign. It’s not like I hope for full recovery. I would be very happy with bladder and bowel control. I think he tries to help when I take him out to pee, but that could be wishful thinking. The key recovery sign is a wagging tail. Frenchies don’t have enough tail to wag.

So I still don’t know what we’re going to do. My husband doesn’t want to pay for acupuncture. The recommended place is far away, so even if I didn’t have to fight my husband over it, I don’t think I could manage the logistics.

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    Animal nursing IS very stressful! It has been a major part of my job description for the past 5 years. When I went in for chemo, Gaely broke her back leg ACL and couldn’t walk. Little dogs can recover and walk again with an ACL break. But DH had his hands full with her and I got kicked to the curb!

    I am not wishing to live in a pet free zone but I think when Gaely leaves us (oh that will be a big one) I will definitely take a while to adjust to simply caring for human life before I take in another animal. Good luck, may God guide your decisions, my friend.

    Mary Beth on August 30th, 2013
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