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December 2nd, 2005 at 3:34 pm

Objective Purges and Subjective Purges

Someone on a mailing list that I’m on wrote:
> As for purging, not everyone binges
> first. I know before, when I was more anorectic, I would purge one
> grape!! It was a means to “not gain” in a very distorted way!

There are 2 different types of binges. From _The_Overcoming_Bulimia_Workbook_ by McCabe, McFarlane, and Olmsted.
Objective Binges:An Objective Binge involves eating, within a specific period of time (usually less than 2 hours), an amount of food that is considered large compared to what most people would eat in the same situations.
(comments by Jen: Large = 2000 calories and up. 10000 calories is not unusual. There are times when healthy eaters will eat 2000 calories in one sitting.)

Subjective Binges:A Subjective Binge occurs when a person eats and feels out of control, but the amount of food consumed is not large.
(comments by Jen: like the grape example. The idea here is that the eating session is perceived as a binge by the person eating. Yes, it’s a distortion, but it is still a binge.)

Category: Eating Disorder

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