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Acorns to Oaktrees

Trip to Yosemite

Part of Neefer's adventure in Family Stuff
October '14

We went to Yosemite in early August.


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Great Big Underwear

Part of Neefer's adventure in Sewing
October '14

I like bike short style underwear for wearing under skirts. This is Kwik Sew 2529 OOP. I’ve lengthened the legs several inches and shortened the front rise several inches. I think I’m going to lower the back some.


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Sunset on the Delta

Part of Neefer's adventure in Gardening
October '14

I think the Delta Season is over for the year.

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SUDC Statement for Diane Feinstein

Part of Neefer's adventure in Family Stuff
October '14

Please, help us pass S. 669 Sudden Unexpected Death Data Enhancement and Awareness Act. It provides for data gathering and data storage, and it provides death scene protocol. If we are unable to gather and store this data, we will never understand why these children are dying.

Diego’s autopsy report gave the cause of death as “undetermined”. It’s not so much that I want to know how or why Diego had to die before he turned 3. I want to know why he died so that we can prevent this from happening to other children. My nephew, Diego (January 2006 – December 2008), was a bright, beautiful boy. I miss him so much.

The death scene protocol part is important for two reasons. First, there is the data gathering for research, but there is also the manner in which the family is treated. Diego died in Alameda, and the Alameda police officers allowed Diego’s grandparents, his parents, and his sister to remain in the house while they conducted the initial interviews and scene investigation. They also allowed me to enter the house. When the Sheriff’s office arrived to take Diego’s body away, they allowed Diego’s parents & grandparents to hold him one last time. I am very grateful to the Alameda County Sheriff’s Office and the Alameda police for their compassion and allowing us to say good-bye like that.

A couple of years after Diego died, a girl in Livermore died from SUDC. That family was not treated with similar compassion. They were locked out of their house which was surrounded by crime scene tape. They were not allowed to hold the girl’s body one last time before she was taken away for autopsy. The death scene protocol addresses this issue and provides guidance that fits with my experience in Alameda.

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Do you ever wonder what that person was thinking when he or she took that picture?

Part of Neefer's adventure in General
October '14

So I’m going thru the pix from last Independence day, and I find these.


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HOTHOTHOT for October

Part of Neefer's adventure in Family Stuff
My hunky husband.

It is so hot in Livermore, today. It was hot yesterday, too. Almost 100°F / 40°C. I wish we were swimming in the delta.

The last post that I made that had HOTHOTHOT in the title became my all time most hits post. I’m so surprised that people are interested in how hot it is in Livermore. :*0

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Cool Party Boat

Part of Neefer's adventure in General
October '14

This barge (I think it was a barge) was anchored out during the big Independence Day party by Mandeville Tip County Park. The barge had a bus on it that (I speculate) was used as the generator for the boat. The light show was pretty spectacular.


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I’m off on business travel again.

Part of Neefer's adventure in General
September '14

The joys of business travel

It’s so glamorous, what?

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Part of Neefer's adventure in Family Stuff
September '14

Mathew & Trevor (friends of ours)

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Pasta Sauce

Part of Neefer's adventure in Crafts
September '14

I made this from scratch using roma tomatoes, a red bell pepper, and onion leaves (you know, like green onions – I just clipped them from the growing onions) from the garden. It also had olive oil and garlic from the grocery store. Rob loved it!


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