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Bullet Journal

Part of Neefer's adventure in Crafts
May '15

I joined the Bullet Journal community on Google Plus. There was a request to see our BuJos, so I took some pix.

bullet journal cover

This is my old bullet journal/calendar. My husband gave me 2 of these small journals for Xmas. I filled this one, but it really is too small for a bullet journal.

The idea of a collection is to gather related data from disparate pages in your bullet journal in one place. Keeping track of what TV shows I like or might like to watch or I might like to watch with my husband or I might want to watch with my kids or I actually do watch with any of those people was a list that was scattered here there and everywhere. I’d get a tip from someone and write it down. I’d hear a review on Fresh Air. I’d read a review who knows where. Etc. etc. Since I average 10 minutes per day to actualy watch what I want to watch, it became really easy to lose track of things, expecially when we decided to ditch the digital video recorder. But now, I have list, and maybe, some day, I can actually watch some of them.
I like stickers.

Monthly calendar page: I have a hard time just marking the BIG things like travel or birthdays or parties or deadlines on this page.

Did I mention that I like stickers?


I’ve been using the weekly layout on the left and in the center, but one day, I was bored in a video conference and made up the one on the right. In general, I don’t do 2 page spreads. I tend to just write on the right side because I paste things into the journal, making the left side lumpy, and ink bleeds thru. But sometimes, I do 2 page spreads even when it is lumpy and messy from bleed thru. No consistency there. :)

And a few daily spreads, all of which I wrote on both sides. :lol: You can see how I “paste” things into my journal in that image with the big blue postit.

I’m almost done with the coffee journal, but I think that I want to carry both the old and the new journal with me for a while. I like the idea of the Midori Traeler’s Notebook, but I need a larger notebook. Then I remembered. I had made a planner with snap in binder rings. Maybe I could use that w/o the binder rings.


The old and new joined together. I altered the binder cover from my previous planner. I had designed it to go over a binder ring and letter sized paper torn in half (5.5×8 inches / 14 cm x 20 cm). I pulled out the “Retro Style” A5 Notebook from Daiso. It fits beautifully.

Un fortunately, the snap tabs for the ring binder attachment were too bulky under the notebook, so I had to rip them out. I also wanted a soft spine. The current spine has homemade bookboard (aka 2 layers of photo matte board). The cover is 2 pieces, the outer cover in the red, orange, and yellow fabrics. The inner piece, purple, is fabric glued to 3 pieces of homemade bookboard, the spine and the 2 sides. I made it this way so that I could wash the cover if the need arrises. I simply tore the bookboard off the fabric of the inner piece. It left some paper behind, but that’s on the wrong side of the fabric. Only I know, and the 3 people who read my blog.

front pieceYear

I’ve been using the same icon key for a while now. This is the third journal that washi tape has been repositioned in. I keep my icons simple.

One of my compatriots in the Bullet Journal community posted a calendar page that used 2 columns per month. I thought that was a really good idea, so I’m giving it a try.

Back PocketsUntitled

Back pockets and front pockets. I don’t really use any of them, but they are there if I need them.


I decided to carry “writing surfaces”. The orange one with the tab used to go in this planner when it was a binder. It’s very sturdy. The Six Pillars of Character plastic sheet was a school planner cover that one of my kids used. I liked it, so I cut it down to use in the binder planner.


With the cover, the pair of bullet journals closes up nicely.

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A new skirt

Part of Neefer's adventure in Sewing
April '15
Burda Plus Magazine E909 Spr 2006 409A Skirt Burda Plus Magazine E909 Spr 2006 409A Skirt
Click on image for a larger version.

Why is it so hard to get rid of fabric? Why? It just about kills me, even when I know it is going to a sewing friend or to a sewing school in the Philippines via my friend’s charity.

I was going thru my fabric to see if any of the hundreds of yards that I am hoarding might find a home with a sewing friend at an upcoming sewing party. I pulled out a stretch twill, black, with a zebra print on it. It was too short for a skirt, so I was able to give it away. It was a black on black print, so I figured it would be popular.

Burda Plus Magazine E909 Spr 2006 409A Skirt
line dwg (Sorry for the
itty bitty image. I
upgraded my OS, and
the HP scanning
software crapped out.
So I’m using preview
to import images, but
preview doesn’t offer
much control over the

But at that point, I was invested in making the skirt. I had previously pulled a flocked, olive green stretch twill to take to the sewing party, but I decided to pull it back to make a fitting toile because I can’t imagine what I was thinking bringing home something with gold flocking on it!

So I made up a toile in the gold flocked olive stretch twill and decided that I liked the pattern.

Ah, the pattern. It is from Burda Plus Magazine Spring/Summer 2006 (E909) pattern 409A, a pegged skirt with yoke.

Burda Plus Magazine E909 Spr 2006 409A Skirt
(sigh) more itty-bitty-ness.

I have it mostly fit. I had to take in the back waist. I probably should lower the front waist, but I’m always hopeful that things won’t drop. I need to take it in over the hip. I’m shaped more like a snowman figure 8 with my hips/tummy and butt coming out sharply from my waist, so I don’t need additional fullness lower down.

So I take the toile apart and look at it. I like the wrong side of the fabric. I used to have a jacket in that color. And, just like that, I decide to keep the fabric and make a wearable skirt.

Burda Plus Magazine E909 Spr 2006 409A Skirt

My dressform is leaning, is slightly smaller than I am, and ends at the high thigh. This makes the skirt hang funny. The skirt has more room in the hip than I need, so that bulging you see just under the yoke, you would see on me.

I need to to take the facing off and take the side seams which includes a zipper to make this fix.

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Funny center on American Beauty

Part of Neefer's adventure in Gardening
April '15

American Beauty

I think it’s American Beauty. None of the other roese on this bush have this sort of center.

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Nevada Sunset

Part of Neefer's adventure in General
April '15


Photo by Chunguita

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Part of Neefer's adventure in Gardening
April '15


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Backyard Rose Beds

Part of Neefer's adventure in Gardening
April '15

backyard rose beds 4-2015

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Borage and Roses

Part of Neefer's adventure in Gardening
April '15

American Beauty, La Reine Victoria, and borageBorage and La Reine Victoria

I like borage flowers in my tea, and I am going to try them in a salad (friend’s recommendation). I started seeds last year in a greenhouse and transplanted. I let those plants go to seed, and this year, I have plenty of lovely borage.

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Backyard Roses

Part of Neefer's adventure in Gardening
April '15

Souvenir de malmaisonSouvenir de malmaison

Souvenir de malmaison – my favorite rose, a bourbon rose; blooms can ball in the rain, but it doesn’t rain much here.

Judy Garland 500x268Judy Garland

Judy Garland, a floribunda; lovely in the spring, but she can’t take the heat.

La Reine

La Reine, a hybrid perpetual. She does poorly in Livermore.

Ingrid BergmanIngrid BergmanIngrid BergmanIngrid Bergman

Ingrid Bergman, hybrid tea. She gets sunburned. She puts on a good show in spring and blooms sporadically in the summer and fall.

Double DelightDouble DelightDouble Delight

Double Delight, hybrid tea.

David Austin Rose, but I forgot the name

David Austin rose.

La Reine Victoria
La Reine Victoria, a bourbon rose. She does well in Livermore.


Sonia, a grandiflora, is described as a hothouse rose. Perhaps that is why she does so well in Livermore.


White Climber

White Climber; I’ve forgotten its name.

Why Not minirose

Why Not, mini rose.

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Front Yard Flowers

Part of Neefer's adventure in Gardening
April '15

Gerbera Daisy

I added a new gerbera daisy.


The carnations are a few years old.

Love-in-a-mist (nigella)

Love-in-a-mist (nigella)



Santa Barbara Daisy 500x334

Santa Barbara Daisy

Wood HyacinthsWood Hyacinth

Wood Hyacinth – I thought I had lost all the white and pinks ones as the wood hyacinths naturalized to my garden, but I was surprised by the pink one when I was weeding.

Spanish Lavender

Spanish Lavender – I love the little wings on this lavender.

Camomile, flanked by ajuga and Santa Barbara daisies

Camomile, flanked by ajuga & Santa Barbara daisies

Chives, Thyme, and Sage

Chives, thyme, and sage

Spanish Lavender, varigated Sage, Columbines, Thyme, Love-in-a-mist, and Licorice Plant

Spanish Lavender, varigated Sage, Columbines, Thyme, Love-in-a-mist, and Licorice Plant

Pear Blossoms

Pear blossoms

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Front Yard Roses

Part of Neefer's adventure in Gardening
April '15

New Year GrandiforaNew Year Grandiflora

New Year, a grandiflora

Yellow Rose

This yellow rose is an old rose. It was in the backyard when we moved in, about 20 years ago. We moved it to the front yard.

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