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Birth Record of José Robles, Zacatecas, Mexico, 1882

Part of Neefer's adventure in Family Stuff
August '16

Alas, not my grandfather, but since it took so long for me to read the passage, I decided to preserve it in case it was helpful later in my searches.


I probably missed more than just an accent here and there. José was born on March 19, 1882. I think my grandfather was born on February 8th, 1882, according to his social security registration info, but his grave marker says 1878. The search continues.

En Zacatecas, a (30) trienta de marzo de (1882) mil ochocientos ochenta dos a las (10 1/4) diez y quarto del dia ante el Juez de Estados civil ciudadano Valeriano Ferati compareció Aniceto Robles casado operario mayor de edad de esta verdad y presentó vivo a un niño exponiendo que es hijo legitimo suyo y habido en su esposa Maria Vega que nació en esta cuidad el día (19) diez y nueve del corriente á las (9) nueve de la mañana que lo puso por nombre José Robles que sus abuelos Domingo Robles y Leonarda Reveles y los maternos Juan Vega y Micaela Gallegos.
El cumparente(?) oyó leer esta acta y se conformó en(?) su contenido en presencia de los testigos Nasario Luevoeno y José Frinidad Hernandez casados operarios mayor de edad de esta vecindad.
No firman por no saber.
V. Ferati

Google Translate:
In Zacatecas, a (30) THIRTY March (1882) to in 1882 the (10 1/4) ten quarto the day before the Judge of marital status Ferati citizen Valeriano Robles appeared Aniceto old married largest operator of this truth and presented live to a child stating that it is legitimate child of his and been in his wife Maria Vega was born in this city the day (19) ten nine current at (9) nine o’clock that his name Joseph Robles Robles Sunday that his grandparents and maternal Leonarda Reveles and Juan Vega and Micaela Gallegos.
The cumparente (?) Heard read this act and settled in (?) Content in the presence of witnesses Nasario Luevoeno and Jose Hernandez Frinidad old married largest operators of this neighborhood.
No sign of not knowing.
V. Ferati

My Translation:
In Zacatecas, on March 30, 1882 at 10:15 am, Aniceto Robles, head of household, appeared before Judge Valeriano Ferati, presented his legitimate son, José Robles, and swore to his live birth from his wife, Maria Vega and that José was born in this city on the 19th of this month at 9 am and that José’s paternal grandparents are Domingo Robles and Leonarda Reveles and that his maternal grandparents are Juan Vega and Micaela Gallegos. The statement was witnessed by Nasario Luevoeno and José Frinidad Hernandez, both married, head of households of Zacatecas.
Truthful statement.
V. Ferati

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Weaving with Recycled Sari Yarn

Part of Neefer's adventure in Crafts
July '16

I’ve been using my loomette, a lot. My husband gave it to me for my birthday.

Woven on my loomette with sariyarn
Sari Yarn Squares

It makes 4 inch woven squares. I’m made several samples with various yarns, but I like these the best. They are primarily woven from recycled sari yarn. The sari yarn isn’t strong enough for the last woven layer. The 2 on the the right use the green crochet twist for the last layer. The hand is is much softer on the squares using the crochet twist.

#loomette #squares from #sariyarn using #crochettwist for the last "layer".

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Mandeville Tip Water Party

Part of Neefer's adventure in Family Stuff
July '16

My cute kid.#fishingCelebrate!Nice shot.People bring all their toys: #drone#beltofvenus

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Garden Bounty

Part of Neefer's adventure in Gardening
July '16

#greenbeans, #cucumber, and #tomatoes from the garden#gardensbounty #tomatoes 🍅#tomatoes #sohardtowait #gardensbounty#zucchini #tomato #radish & #purple and #greenbeans #gardensbounty

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Basketball Tournament and an End to the Season

Part of Neefer's adventure in Family Stuff
July '16

Game 1
#basketball #tipoff#score #basketball
Game 2
Game 2 #tipoff #basketball#score # free throw #basketball #BAstingers
Between the games
Waiting for Independence Day.She shoots. She scores. #basketball
Game 3
#basketball #score #BAstingers

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Pix from the Front Yard

Part of Neefer's adventure in Gardening
July '16

#strawberries  I ate them.#asianpears #asianpear

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Isabel went to Cuba.

Part of Neefer's adventure in Family Stuff
July '16

At the airportIsabel & Kate in CubaIz & Kate Cuba 2Iz & Kate Cuba

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Beautiful Sunset

Part of Neefer's adventure in General
July '16

I used autostitch.

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Gerbera Daisies

Part of Neefer's adventure in Gardening
July '16

#gerberdaisy#gerberdaisy #orange this time

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Independence Day is coming.

Part of Neefer's adventure in Family Stuff
June '16

We’re setting up the houseboat!

Tony misses you

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