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Acorns to Oaktrees

DH & His Parents

Part of Neefer's adventure in Family Stuff
April '16

Florence Rob & Tony

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New Afgan

Part of Neefer's adventure in General
April '16

I finished this bad boy just before xmas. My goal was to use up the odds & ends in my yarn stash. I was so successful that I had to buy yarn to finish it, and I learned that yarn styles have changed. I had a hard time finding funky colorful yarn suitable for the afghan at the right price in Livermore.

Stitch Info:

Diagonal shell stitch afgan

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Fabric Bucket Class

Part of Neefer's adventure in Sewing
April '16

I taught a class on how to make fabric buckets at Craft Makers Studio

We’ll be having another class on May 14th, 2016.


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I made a tuffet!

Part of Neefer's adventure in Sewing
April '16
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My Tuffet

Last December, SIL and I walked into In Between Stitches quilt shop in Livermore and saw the tuffet class sample. It was really cute. I decided to take the class which is taught by West Coast Tuffets.

Inbetween Stitches Tuffeteers

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Last of the Radishes

Part of Neefer's adventure in Gardening
April '16

It’s time to put in the tomatoes.

Last of the radishes #gardensbounty #radishes

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A New Top

Part of Neefer's adventure in Sewing
April '16

After using the pink pique to make a yoke, I only had enough to make a shell or tank top. I decided a shell top from Burda World of Fashion from December, 2003.

Shell BurdaWOF 12/03 #142

The first step, after choosing the pattern, is to cut the pattern sheets from the BurdaWOF magazine, separate them, and iron them.

Shell BurdaWOF 12/03 #142

Then it’s time to trace and alter. I always have to do a rather substantial full bust alteration (FBA). In this case, I chose to split the between the side piece and the center piece.

Shell BurdaWOF 12/03 #142

Next it is time to cut. I decided to add 4 inches to the bottom of the top. I’ve had a run of tops (made by me and RTW) that have been too short.

#fitcheck I do well fitting the front with a half pattern, but I need a full toile to fit the back. I almost always take tops in in the upper back #erectupperback

This pattern is very easy to sew, no darts, no interfacing. In the image above, I’m doing a fit check on Tina.

I lengthened the top. It’s much longer on Tina than the finished product is. I found it very unflattering at this length and returned it to the original length.

Next step: finish the neckline.

Contrast or matching. I'm going with the contrast.

The pattern called for piping around the neckline. I didn’t have any cording for piping, so I decided to go with faux piping. That is, instead of sewing a length of cording inside my folded in half bias tape, I just sewed the bias tape. I made several samples like the one above and decided to go with contrast piping.

Shell BurdaWOF 12/03 #142

The above image is of the backside of the neckline. Bias is wonderful stuff. I trimmed the ends to be even and sewed around the neckline to anchor the bias tape, and that was it for finishing the neckline.

Neckline finish

I think I did a good job on the neckline finish.

The arm holes and hem are both finished with more bias tape.

Finis #burdaWOF 12/2003 pattern 142

I like it. I need to bring the shoulders in a little bit, and as usual, I had to bring in the upper back, but I hope to make many more of these.

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Petite Plus Patterns Jean Jacket

Part of Neefer's adventure in Sewing
April '16

Finis!  #jeanjacket

Pattern: Jean Jacket at Petite Plus Patterns

This pattern has really great instructions. I lucked out in that I didn’t have to make any alterations. (Usually, I choose a pattern that fits my shoulders/neck, and do an FBA and maybe add room in the bicep area.) I did not have to lengthen this. I’m 5′ 7″ (170 cm), which is not petite, but my legs are longer than my torso. It hits me below the waist, where a traditional jean jacket would hit.

Bound ButtonholesBound ButtonholesBound Buttonholes

There are people who plan out their projects completely. I am not one of them. I chose the exact buttons for the various sections of the jacket after I had completed much of the construction. I intended for the buttonholes to be regular machine made buttonholes. Well, I chose 1 inch (2.5 cm) buttons for the front placket. The placket is wide enough to accommodate that size, but that is a rather large buttonhole. I decided to do a bound buttonhole.

I did a lot of samples to make sure I wasn’t going to be unhappy with my buttonholes. In the above series, I was testing the idea of using a contrasting color. I decided against the color, but the size and placement of the buttonhole is the same as I used on the jacket.

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Another Burda 7219

Part of Neefer's adventure in Sewing
April '16
Burda 7219 and finished tuffet
Me in Burda 7219 showing off my finished tuffet.

I had some 100% cotton pique. It’s a lovely fabric, soft, and the pique weave hides wrinkles. Sadly, I did not buy very much of it and did not have enough to make a TnT top, Burda 7219. In the image to the left, you can see how I filled in the top with some pink pique. I did not have enough of the watercolor floral fabric to do the facings, the undercollar, or even the entire bodice. After consulting with my sewing friends, I decided to make a yoke on the back.

Not enough fabric

The decision for the facings came next.
What to use for the facing?

I had 3 fabrics to choose from. I could have used the same fabric as the bodice (far right on the image above) if I pieced on something to it to make it long enough. I thought about using the pink (middle in the image above) here, too, but I was concerned about show through and about the pink peeking out. If I could have made a faux piping with the facing, I would have done that, but the neckline has a corner, and yes, I could have gone with bias strips and done that, but I decided to stick with the facing. That left the white fabric with embroidered flowers (left in the image above). I was already using that fabric for the back facing. I decided to go with the white pique with the embroidered flowers. You can see the facing peeking out in the upper left image; I think the white is very blah, neutral and that the pink would have shouted, so I’m very happy with my choice.
Bias Binding finish on an armhole

The armholes are finished with bias binding. I had to piece the binding, but i’ve made a lot of bias binding. I recommend it. It is very forgiving and makes a nice clean finish.
Burda 7219

I really like Burda 7219 which is long out of print. I also really like that cotton pique, also no longer available. This shirt gets a lot of wear from me.

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Painted Denim

Part of Neefer's adventure in Crafts, Sewing
April '16

This is heavy weight denim that my husband bought to cover windows while we were deciding whether or not to redo a wall and take out the windows. I painted these scraps with watered down acrylic paint to see how that worked. It is colorfast. It does not come out in the wash. I recommend diluted acrylic paint without any additives for painting on fabric.

Untitledpainted denimblurry painted denim

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Japanese Treats

Part of Neefer's adventure in General
April '16

Mushroom Cracker TreatsUntitled

I forget if I got these in my skoshbox or if I bought them at Daiso. They are small crackers or cookies with chocolate and were quite enjoyable.

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